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How to add a new section in Joomla

This article assumes you have read the previous articles on how to access the backend of Joomla and have got yourself to the Control Panel.  If you haven't got to the control panel then you need to read the other articles in this guide, especially the one on how to access the backend of Joomla.


To add a new section to your Joomla website, you can either click on the "Section Manager" button on the control panel, or find the Section Manager link in the dropdown menu under Content along the top menu bar.


You should then see the following screen:

Adding a section to Joomla


When you enter the Section Manager screen you may see a list of Sections that have already been created or if none have yet been created the list will be empty.


Joomla 'New' buttonTo the top right there are a number of buttons.  To add a new section simply click on "New".


The screen for a New Section will appear.


New Section screen


Add a title for your section in the appropriate box.  You can manually add the alias or Joomla will automatically create this based on your title.


You should then decide whether you want your section to be published or you can leave it unpublished until you are ready to publish it on your site.


You can set the access level - Public is anyone who visits your site.  Registered is anybody who is registered - you will need a Registration and Login form for this to work and Special is those who you have granted special access such as administrators and moderators for example.


You can choose an image to display when the section is displayed and also you can create a description - these two parts are only relevant if you are going to display these items on your website.


That's it.  Once you've filled in the relevant parts click on "Save".  You will be returned to the Section Manager screen, where your newly created section should now appear.

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