Why doesn't your website cut it anymore?

You need a completely new way of thinking!

Apps and Bespoke Software to help your Business Grow

Sometimes a website needs a bit more than a few nice images and a some paragraphs about your business.

At Aquaman Design we can provide specialist software that helps provide unique functionality to your website.

Examples of specialist applications could be product calculators or an online design service that allows a user to design their own kitchen or bathroom.

Providing some useful functionality on your website can create a useful point of interest to be shared on social networks across the internet, having the effect of generating traffic to your site.

Additionally Aquaman Design can build Apps. Apps are bespoke pieces of software built for smart devices such as phones or tablet computers. They are a great way of providing interactive functionality and a great way of putting your brand in the hands of your customers. Your logo on your customers’ phone serves as a constant visual reminder of your business. Not only that, an app can make it easy to make purchases or interact with your business helping to create long term customers.