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Apps and Bespoke Software to help your Business Grow

Sometimes a website needs a bit more than a few nice images and a some paragraphs about your business. At Aquaman Design we can provide specialist software that helps provide unique functionality to your website. Examples of specialist applications could be product calculators or an online design service that allows a user to design their […]

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Logos and Branding

For that professional touch that will become a recognized brand and icon of your business why not ask us to professionally create a logo for your business? At Aquaman Design we have the skills and knowledge to create print ready logo artwork, supplied alongside a full colour style sheet. From your brief we will produce […]

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Photography for Websites

Is it worth spending a bit more money on your website images to get that professional touch? If you look at many of today’s websites, it’s the use of imagery that draws you in. Many sites nowadays employ very little additional or elaborate design, it’s the images that provide a visual impact and ultimately are […]

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Online Video Production

Why make videos for your business? As technology becomes cheaper then creating an effective video or series of videos for your business has become an extremely attractive proposition. Choosing a subject for your video is merely a case of working out what your customers might need to know. This can be as simple as telling […]

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Fast Loading, Secure Websites

A slow loading website can be caused by several factors from poor coding to the use of images that haven’t been optimized for web use. These are issues that should not be dismissed. Search engines such as Google measure the loading speed of your website and your site will be ranked for it’s speed. If […]

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About Aquaman Design

A Brief History So, Aquaman Design eh? Well, it’s a long story, and in the words of The Smiths, “if you’ve got 5 seconds to spare then I’ll tell you the story of my life”. Even though I’ve been working for myself since 2001, Aquaman Design as a name, didn’t come into being until October […]

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Find the Power, Grow your Business

If you’re thinking about building a new website or redesigning an old website your first thought may be towards how it’s going to look.  That’s fine, but as the online marketplace evolves, getting the most out of the internet requires a new understanding of marketing with the will to implement a long term plan whilst […]

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CS Bindery Solutions, Oxfordshire

“From the outset, we have been extremely impressed by the professionalism of Aquaman Design’s, website building and technical support. We have no hesitation in recommending Aquaman Design to anyone requiring a new website or an upgrade.” Carol Baldwin, CS Bindery Solutions

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Guernsey Carpentry, Guernsey

“Aquaman made the difficult task of creating and building a website much easier than other designers we had dealt with. They were most accommodating and ready to answer all of our questions. It was extremely good value for money.” Tony Heath, Guernsey Carpentry

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Stuart Marsh Sculptures, Derbyshire

“I would recommend Aquaman to anyone looking for a web builder. We knew more about the dark side of the moon than websites and computers. But with Duncan McFarlane and his team’s patience, knowledge and enthusiasm we now have a site that we couldn’t be happier with.” Stuart Marsh, Stuart Marsh Sculptures

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