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Photography for Websites

Is it worth spending a bit more money on your website images to get that professional touch?

If you look at many of today’s websites, it’s the use of imagery that draws you in.

Many sites nowadays employ very little additional or elaborate design, it’s the images that provide a visual impact and ultimately are responsible for encouraging a potential customer to stay on your site and explore further.

Taking your own photos

There are many ways to obtain images for your products and services. Route one is to take photos yourself. Most people own a camera in one form or another, so taking your own pictures has become very affordable.

Many customers opt for providing there own images in order to save money, but also because they don’t recognize the importance of good imagery to help sell a business.

In some cases customers have the necessary skills and is therefore a cost effective solution, but in the majority of cases the images provided can lack the professionalism that can help to bring your site to life and grab the attention of your visitors.

Stock Images

The next viable option is to buy images from a stock image bank, Over the last ten years, online image banks have become extremely common with some services even providing some images for free,

Stock image banks can be very useful, but it goes without saying, that when it comes to using stock images you do generally get what you pay for. Higher quality and the use images exclusively comes at a price.

Professional Photography and Illustrations

There are two more options for creating images for your site. The first is to use a professional photographer, the second is to illustrate or draw the images. At Aquaman Design we can provide.

Whatever you choose, it’s important the images for your site are well thought through and at Aquaman Design we can help you to create a great looking site by providing you with professional standard photography and graphic. Spending a little bit extra may be worth it if it means customers are more likely to stay and your site and buy from you.

We have the skills and can provide facilities for photography of different types including product photography, location photography and studio photography.

Illustration for Infographics

Illustrations can be used in place of photos or they can be good for producing infographics. Infographics are a popular way of illustrating problems and how your business solves them. They can then be shared across the internet helping to drive traffic to your site.