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Online Video Production

Why make videos for your business?

As technology becomes cheaper then creating an effective video or series of videos for your business has become an extremely attractive proposition.

Choosing a subject for your video is merely a case of working out what your customers might need to know.

This can be as simple as telling your customers about your business services or products or in many cases it can be useful to provide instructions or tuition on how to use your products or services. You could even get your customers to provide a testimonial on video.

Your videos can be of varying length, but in many cases it’s best to produce short videos, which are not only a lot easier to create but are also relatively inexpensive, especially if you plan to make a series of videos.

Planning a series of videos means economy of scales can often be employed making each individual video much more cost effective, but also maximizing the effectiveness of your video marketing efforts.

It’s amazing how much information you can squeeze into a half a minute video. Making short videos can be fun and services such as Instagram positively encourage short videos, only allowing videos of 15 to be uploaded.

So where can you publish your videos?

There are a multitude of places you can publish your video. Obviously, your own website is one, but there are an increasing number of sites across the internet you can also use to publish your video with the intention of generating not just interest in your business, but generating traffic and new customers to your site.

YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Google+, Instagram are just a few places you can pst your video.

YouTube is the second most searched engine on the planet. This not only underlines the importance of having video YouTube, but also on how video needs to be an important part of your marketing strategy.

As new generations embrace information technology, online video has become more watched than TV within certain age groups, particularly the young. This is something that will only increase, and as technology becomes more affordable there’s no better time to get your message out to your customers via the medium of video.