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About Aquaman Design

A Brief History

So, Aquaman Design eh? Well, it’s a long story, and in the words of The Smiths, “if you’ve got 5 seconds to spare then I’ll tell you the story of my life”.

Even though I’ve been working for myself since 2001, Aquaman Design as a name, didn’t come into being until October 2005, just over a month after the birth of my second child, a boy named Andrew. My first, child was Maisie born in 2004.

At the time of choosing the name Aquaman, I was making quite a lot of videos, and I wanted something to sign off the video at the end.  A “produced by” line.  But also, the more observant ones of you will notice that AquaMan,  has an A and M, and of course this mirrors the name of my kids.  But still you ask why Aquaman? Well, added to all the above, I’ve had a life long love of swimming from competitor to now coach, so when Aquaman popped into my head it seemed just about perfect.

And by the way, if you’re wondering about Aquaman the super hero (from the Justice League and DC comics – a friend of Batman), it had nothing to do with him. I honestly didn’t know he existed until a good friend of mine told me about the him a few days after choosing the name. Well, by then, it was too late, I liked it too much and the name stuck.

So what about the business itself. Well, even though Aquaman Design didn’t start until 2005, I had already been working for myself since 2001 doing a variety of stuff, making greetings cards, a couple of websites, but interestingly enough, an increasing number of videos.  Video making was something I had picked up in 2000 whilst doing a small creative design course in Derby.  As my skills developed, in 2005, I decided to concentrate  on video making.

The video making was largely working for consultancy firms and local authorities who wanted to engage with various community groups such as youth or health service users. For 10+ years I worked providing me with very good skills for making videos including becoming proficient in the art of editing. In the whole time of making videos I must have made well over 80 videos.

I still make and edit videos for clients most recently I completing work on behalf of the Environment Agency.

Enter Stage Left, Website Design

Originally I had intended my business to be web design and since 2001 I had made a couple of sites, but website design didn’t start to take priority until 2008 when I learned about the existence of content management systems (CMS).

Working firstly with the Joomla CMS I learned to firstly become proficient in building templates, and once I had mastered that I began to concentrate on what makes good SEO.

Anyone who works in the field of website design will know that you never stop learning. Everyday new technology springs up and there are new techniques to learn, but despite this I glad to say that I still manage to get SEO results for my clients, something I particularly proud of.

Today’s focus

OK, Aquaman Design, is just me, Duncan McFarlane, but over the years I have built up a number of contacts in different fields of specialism such as coding and copywriting, graphic design and printing. So it may seem there’s just one person, but in fact there’s a team of people behind me I can call on to cover pretty much any requirement a client might need.

In addition over the years I’ve figured out the best way to make sure websites stay secure and if/when things go wrong I have the experience to fix the problems.

In addition I’m contactable 24/7 365 days a year. Even when I’m on holiday or out of the country I will check emails everyday and deal with anything that can’t wait.

So, why not come along for the ride? If you hire me, I will do everything I can do to give you the best possible advice and the best possible service.