Why doesn't your website cut it anymore?

You need a completely new way of thinking!

Fast Loading, Secure Websites

A slow loading website can be caused by several factors from poor coding to the use of images that haven’t been optimized for web use.

These are issues that should not be dismissed.

Search engines such as Google measure the loading speed of your website and your site will be ranked for it’s speed. If your site is slow then it may be ranked lower than your competitors.

At Aquaman Design we take site speed seriously. We look at all the aspects that contribute to the speed of your site and address them one by one. From day one your website’s rank will not suffer due to your website’s loading speed.

A Secure Website will help your business to grow

Imagine this, your site gets hacked and the first time you know about it is when a customer calls you to tell you. At Aquaman Design we offer monitoring and protection from website hacking, read on to find out how.

Hacking a website can take many forms. Sometimes a website’s home page will be defaced with an unsavoury message that renders your website useless. This is fairly easy to fix, but it does rely on the existence of a back up. At Aquaman Design, every 12 hours, our hosting servers take a full back up of your sites files and database. But we can offer more than that. You can opt for a full monthly back up, which is saved to our local hard drives. This adds an extra level of security should the server go down or in itself is hacked.

The worse form of hacking is usually where a site is infected with malware. The malware will be installed deep into the website’s files and can be difficult to detect without proper malware detection software. The malware can create thousands of new pages on your site with links to other more unsavoury sites. These pages can then get added to Google’s index. Not good!

So when your site has been defaced or is subject to a malware attack, you might not find out for days or even weeks. The trouble is if Google discovers your site has been the subject of hacking, then Google will flag your site up as being hacked to visitors. This may have the effect of deranking your site and it alos means you need to go through a clean up process before asking Google to remove the “hacked website” flag.

SSL Certificates

There’s another security aspect that Google likes. It likes the communications sent between your site and your visitors to be secure. An SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) means that the information sent by your site across the internet will be encrypted and therefore difficult to interpret by any unscrupulous entities, robots or humans, whose job is to trawl the net for sensitive information.

A domain that has an SSL Certificate will start with https. You may have seen sites that carry the https protocol in your browser’s address bar. Securing information in this way, makes your website more attractive to Google and your rankings will improve because of it.

We Take Site Security Seriously

Adding security to your site to prevent hacking or to secure the information sent over the Ethernet does cost a little extra but the best thing about it is it allows for a certain amount of peace of mind – nothing on the internet is entirely secure, but in this day and age where cyber crime activities on the internet are increasing by the second, we all need to take a proactive approach to help protect our sites, our business and our reputation.