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Aquabox, website for charity sending water filters and aid to disaster zones

aquabox website for charity

Aquabox is a charity sending water filters and aid to areas around the world affected by war, poverty earthquakes and adverse weather conditions.

Aquabox approached Aquaman Design in November 2016 requesting a replacement for their old site. The site they had looked out of date and was difficult to navigate.

So, Aquaman Design set about designing and building a new site.

The new site required one major piece of functionality. A donate form. Not only did this need to integrate with Paypal donations it also needed to stand out so that users could find it and make a donation easily.

The form needed to be able to accept online and offline payments, as well as able to accept one off and recurring payments. It also needed to record users address if they wanted to GiftAid their donation.

Other requirements for the site were to make news and events a major feature of the site. So it was decided to make this a major part of the home page. The home page shows the latest 3 news and events articles in two separate columns, which collapse down to one column on a mobile.

The site is now live and accepted over £5,000 in online donations alone.

We are extremely pleased with the results for the Aquabox site. Training has now been provided allowing administrators at Aquabox to easily update the news and events as well as images on the home page and across the site.