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Conformance, Derbyshire, Corporate Website, rebuilt using Joomla

conformance, corporate websites, Matlock Derbyshire

In late 2016 Conformance approached Aquaman Design with a project to redesign and rebuild a website that had been around since the early days of the internet.

In November 2017, after several design iterations, and careful planning we finally completed the initial stage of this project and launched a new look site to replace the original site, which was a fairly extensive body of information, and most importantly had very good Google rankings.

Our planning involved ensuring that the pages Google already had listed and in many cases ranked no.1, did not suffer as a result of the transfer to the new version of the site, which in this case was a transfer from traditional html pages to the Joomla CMS.

Our first tests fter the launching the site in November found that our planning had proved successful and there was no perceivable drop in rankings for any of the pages listed on Google.

We even found that the new pages we had added and optimised started to do even better.

The project was deemed a success and we continue to work with Conformance on a long term basis.

We have turned our attentions to other parts of the old site, which we are now steadily integrating into the Joomla CMS.