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Flood Management, Corporate Website for The Environment Agency

environment agency website

The Rea Catchment Partnership website is a site dedicated to providing information on the flood risks and efforts being made by the Environment Agency to establish flood defence systems in the Birmingham area.

The design of the site itself went through an iterative process. The initial designs were much more radical but they were dropped for the more conventional design finally used in the design.

Aquaman Design built the site according to the final agreed designs and then provided training to allow administrators at the Environment Agency to add and remove content as required.

The frontend of the site also has an admin only area where administrators can go to view contact information which can be edited and updated with details of communication with partners working with the Agency.

The site has now been live for several years now, and post build Aquaman Design provides maintenance support, which includes our new unlimited updates, which can be paid monthly or twelve months in advance.