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JMJ Bespoke Pottery Website, Chesterfield, Derbyshire

JMJ Pottery Bespoke pottery chesterfield

Janine Manion Jones runs a bespoke pottery shop in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

Aquaman Design has been working with Janine since 2010 on two sites. One for her pottery shop and one for her flat above the shop, which she calls The Pottery Flat.

The current jmjpottery.com site is the second incarnation of the website and is essentially a catalogue of the products that Janine’s shop produces.

Aquaman Design has provided not only the web design and build, but we also provide the product photography. This site in particular includes images of all types of products, which have been cut out in photoshop to give the standalone effect.

The site is built on the latest version of the popular open source CMS, Joomla and contrary to widespread belief that Joomla does not do very well on Google, jmjpottery.com is ranked no.1 in Google for “Pottery Lessons” and “Bespoke Pottery”.