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New website using WordPress for Presentation Sisters Care Centre, Matlock

website design for Presentation Sisters Care Centre matlock

Presentation Sisters Care Centre is a care home´╗┐ for the elderly in Matlock.

All our projects go through two distinct phases before launch.

Stage one is the design phase.  This involves producing mock-ups of the design in Photoshop for desktop, tablet and phone. Two or three concepts are presented, and once the design for the home page have been agreed, futher designs are produced for sub pages and the contact page.

The second stage of the process is what we call the build phase.  This is where the final agreed designs are transformed into a website.

In most cases the client takes responsibilty for writing the content for the website.  For Presentation Sisters Care Centre, the content was already available on the previous website, but in many cases providing the content can provide real challenges for our clients.

Still it can be hard trying to write about your own business.  To help clients out we do have access to copywriters, who in many cases will visit your business to discuss what they will subsequently write for your website.

The good thing about hiring a copywriter is they will write your content from the point of view of a client, not from your point of view, which can result in overly technical information.  The other good things is that a copywriter isn’t as expensive as you might think.

Not only that a copywriter will save you the headache, plus leave you to get on with what you do best – running your business.

Anyway, following the design and build phase, a site is ready for launch.  I’ll write a bit more about that in the next post.