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Frenger, multilingual websites for Derby based corporate

Multinational company Frenger Systems based in Derby City required the revamping of their websites. The company sell integrated air conditioning systems around the world

Frenger already had four websites serving the UK, New Zealand, Australia and the USA. These sites had originally been built in-house, but after the web administrator responsible for the upkeep of Frenger websites moved to pastures new, Frenger decided to look externally for a web company to take on aspects of their web development, and to also provide long term advice and support.

The company already had a preference for how their sites looked, but this had only been developed for their US site. The project therefore required Aquaman Design to transfer the US template design onto a template configured for the Joomla CMS. Once the US site had successfully been transferred and launched work began on the other three sites for New Zealand, Australia and the UK.

Since the completion of the four sites a fifth site has been added to serve France. The site was translated entirely into French by a human (machines just don't do it very well).

Further sites are due to be created to serve other European countries each with their own translations.