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Website for new Derbyshire Holiday Cottage Business

derbyshire holiday homes and cottages peak district

The family of one of our long term contacts runs several luxury holiday homes in the Derbyshire Peak District.

The project was to create a new website for a new generation of holiday homes. One property, had just been finished, and our task was to create the website in a way so that additional properties could be easily be added.

First off, Aquaman Design helped to find the website a great domain name, derbyshireholidayhomes.co.uk. If you know what to look for, great domain names can still be found. Why’s it great, well it contains two of the keywords that users may use when searching for a holiday in Derbyshire

Next up, was to get some photographs of the property. So we spent a morning at the property taking photos of all the rooms and features the home contains, plus took photos of the outdoor patio and seating area which also features a hot tub.

Additionally, whilst carrying out the photo shoot we also shot a small video of the hot tub to create a moving background for the home page header.

So having completed the photograph the web design phase could begin.

Once approved with the client we built the site following the agreed design layout. During the design build there’s always a little bit of tooing and froing to make sure everything looks right, but once approved the site is ready for launch.

We take care of the entire launch process. Our tasks include setting the metatags for each page, which helps Google to know what each page is about. We also create a sitemap for Google and set up Google Analytics so we can get an idea of how many people visit the site.

The final part of the launch process is to register the site and it’s sitemap on Google and Bing. Once we’ve told Google and Bing where your site is, it’s then time to sit back a little and watch what happens.

It can take several weeks for Google to go through the entire site, and it’s rare that your site will appear on page one immediately, but with an ongoing strategy for adding new content and tweaking existing content as well as the page metatags, we aim to help your site reach page one as soon as possible.